Teaching English in Nepal

Teaching English to local kids in public school is a great way of improving your interpersonal skills and adding some attractive, hands-on voluntary experience in your life. But whether you’re joining with our expert English teaching volunteer team for vocational growth or personal growth, there’s one thing that every voluntary teacher will take from their experience and that’s a new way of looking at the world. Immersing yourself into a whole new culture and experiencing everyday life from the eyes of underprivileged communities allows us all to open up our minds and find compassion deep within ourselves. So not only do we get to impart important life skills to the children and young adults of this world who need our help the most, but we get to learn an awful lot along the way.

Imparting knowledge and education to the underprivileged is the core goal behind our Teaching volunteer programs in Nepal. Our teaching programs focus on English and sometimes may include basic computer literacy and other subjects like maths and science. As part of our teaching programs, you will work at local primary schools, after school centers or community centers to teach English to underprivileged children which will eventually help improve their self-confidence and willingness to continue higher education which will help them to come out of the poverty cycle.

Volunteer Teaching English

Lets Go Cool teaching programs are available few places around Nepal such as Bandipur, Nuwakot and Riepe village. Every placement will have purpose. And no matter where you choose to take your skills and enthusiasm, someone somewhere will benefit from learning English in your classroom. Teaching volunteer program is highly interactive and fun and involves engaging little children in activities that build their social and cognitive abilities. Your daily activities might include caring for children, playing games, helping them with their homework, teaching English, drawing pictures, teaching music and lots more! Teaching and Childcare volunteering take up a maximum of 3-4 hours on weekdays, this means that you have the rest of the evening and weekends to explore nearby local places. From the moment we place you, we will have everything organized on your behalf so you can focus on the volunteer task at hand and spending your spare time exploring a new place. Suitable living arrangements, meals, transfers and transport, training, and project travel will all be taken care of so you can spend your evenings and weekends doing the thing that you came here for. Our teaching programs are designed to help you broaden your horizons through work in local schools, community centers, rural schools, and local charities, where you will connect with local teachers and local volunteers in supporting sustainable long-term literacy projects. Many of you may enjoy volunteering in multiple locations such as Kathmandu and around countryside. 

Make a Difference

Work in several location in countryside government schools that do not facilitate quality English learning that children need for getting into college or for their future career. It would be to have our volunteers fill in this gap by taking English classes for weaker students individually as well as in groups. We give them teaching materials that are bought by us and also donated by our volunteers which aid their learning. Check out our special combination programs where you can combine different locations and also combine volunteering with travel in our amazing teaching volunteer locations in Nepal.

Mission Statement of Teaching Volunteer program

Our mission is to offer meaningful opportunities for volunteers, and for both cultures to gain a deeper understanding of each other. We empower our communities by providing education in English. Our program provides support to international volunteers who hope to create a positive impact in the lives of the Nepali people.

Skills and Qualifications

Anyone can volunteer to teach English in Nepal. There are no specific qualifications needed to join. You must need to have a strong fluency in English, both written and verbal. No teaching certification is required. You should be flexible, patient, a good role model for the kids and be passionate about teaching and making a difference with disadvantaged youth in Nepal in need communities.

Ready to Start Your Volunteering? 

If you want to come and join us in an exciting volunteering program or you just want to find out more about what it’s like to volunteer in Nepal, we’re here to assist you anytime. Whether you’re looking to secure your place in one of our programs or you just want to ask us a bunch of questions about what to expect, feel free to contact us.
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Exploring Nepali culture and scenery, enjoying local food in Nepal
Getting to know the children you teach, sharing their enthusiasm for learning in local school
Getting involved in local schools, bringing enthusiasm and engagement into the classrooms
Experiencing full immersion into the Nepali culture as you are welcomed into the community

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