Culture Exchange and Homestay

In this program volunteers have the opportunity to live with a traditional Nepali family. This gives the volunteer the chance to learn about all aspects of Nepali life, culture, food and society.

Volunteers can share information and items about their own culture and way of life, for example, information about the family, community, education, healthcare and food. On this program Volunteers become a member of the family household and participate in all activities including cooking, washing, working in the fields and generally caring for the house and family.If you want to gain insight into the real Nepal this program will give you a great experience of Nepali society and culture in local villages. It can also be combined with other volunteer programs.


Cultural exchange

Interaction with the locals people

Observing festivals and local lifestyles

Staying with a local family and experience local culture and lifestyles

Why paying to arrange a volunteer placement is necessary?

Remember you would not find us without our existence.Volunteers Feeding, housing and training you can be expensive, and somebody has to pay for it and as you know that if the local organization had money, they would hire local people is a Social Business.It costs money to run Lets Go Cool expenses such as rent, salaries, phone, website etc. we provide donation time to time to different local developments projects and orphanages.and we does not receive support from anyone and we rely on volunteers programmes and our administration cost.


A taste of true ethnic Nepali life

Exploring cultural wonders of Nepal with local

Visits to cultural and religious sites in Kathmandu

Hiking around the villages and get lost in Nepali culture

Explore and discover the uniqueness of Nepali local community

Learning the ways of Nepali culture and lifestyle in authentic nepali communities

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How can we help Nepal ?

Nepal is a touristic country and its portion of economy thrives from tourism. Nepal has been always peaceful and friendly towards tourist because of its belief as “tourists as Gods”. If you have not come Nepal, you can come and see Nepal Himalayas. If you have already visited Nepal and if you are impressed by its beauty and hospitality, you can help by telling about it to others.…

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