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    Who are we ?  Lets Go Cool founded in 2015 by cool team of volunteers. Non/profit, non/governmntal and non/political organization.  What we do ? Lets Go Cool provides both short-term emergency shelter and long-term accommodation in homely environment in Papa's Home for child victims of natural disaster and conflict, orphans, abandoned, abused and street children. … ...

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  • Our Story

    We believe with what we do. We cool people can change the world in cool style. Be cool and Lets go cool. which does not demand, but gives. Let’s drive out misery from the world and make it a better place to live. Through peace we can discover true happiness.  Lets Go Cool ensures that you… ...

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  • Child Sponsorship

    Lets Go Cool announces the child sponsorship program to Support a child in Nepal. Sponsor a child to make a better life of an underprivileged child.  Support a child is rewarding work because Nepal is one of the least developed and the poorest country in the world. People in country side of Nepal do not understand the value of… ...

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How can we help Nepal ?

Nepal is a touristic country and its portion of economy thrives from tourism. Nepal has been always peaceful and friendly towards tourist because of its belief as “tourists as Gods”. If you have not come Nepal, you can come and see Nepal Himalayas. If you have already visited Nepal and if you are impressed by its beauty and hospitality, you can help by telling about it to others.…

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