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Whether your heart is in the mountains, or in the flat lands and hillsides can enable you to lend a hand as a volunteer without missing out on the splendour and diversity of amazing Nepal. Be Cool, Go Cool and Lets Go Cool this is how be become a cool person. Lets Go Cool project supports child care centres and community projects by creating exciting activities to develop the children’s creative and communication skills in country sides.

Cool Volunteers work alongside the local team to inspire a passion for learning and increase the children’s confidence in speaking english. You will provide greatly appreciated extra assistance and deliver small group educational games as well as fun activities with the larger group. By offering the opportunity to improve their confidence in English, the team aims to help break the poverty cycle in the region by providing access to wider job opportunities. Join Lets Go Cool team and support local kids and be a cool person.

Immerse yourself in Nepali life and explore the beautiful Himalayas. Enjoy adventure activities including paragliding, white-water rafting, kayaking and trekking, homestay in nepal, short day hike in weekend or before and after your volunteering work.



Other Ways to Help Children in Need

Be with Orphan kids and help them thieir homework and pay games with them.

Tutoring local children outside of school with homework or just chatch up on what they are being tought in class.

Volunteer to provide homework help or tutoring in a specific subject in an after-school program.

Spending Time with Disabled Children

No matter what your area of expertise is, you can provide help and inspiration. Whether you share your love of music, puzzles or reading with them, you will make a positive impact in their lives.

community leaders and program providers across the nation to expand support for quality afterschool programs.

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How can we help Nepal ?

Nepal is a touristic country and its portion of economy thrives from tourism. Nepal has been always peaceful and friendly towards tourist because of its belief as “tourists as Gods”. If you have not come Nepal, you can come and see Nepal Himalayas. If you have already visited Nepal and if you are impressed by its beauty and hospitality, you can help by telling about it to others.…

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